Missoula has really been feeling the love this week! We've seen a couple of stories in the last few days where outside organizations have recognized Missoula for simply being the amazing place that it is. Although, are we really surprised that this is the case?

What are people saying about us?

Fortune Magazine had an Instagram post with suggested travel destinations now that more people are starting to venture out again. And right there on the list, along with Paris and Mexico, was little ol' Missoula. Not too shabby when you're featured on ANY list with Paris! And the folks at Thrillist wrote a really nice piece about Missoula where they referred to it as an "outdoorsy paradise." The article mentioned a bunch of businesses, destinations, and activities that really highlight Missoula as a "last best place."

This is a cool honor for the holidays!

It looks like Missoula isn't quite finished with receiving accolades for the week either! How about the title of Best Holiday River Town in the US?

Very nice! River Travel Magazine has been collecting votes since October as they put their list together and Missoula voters turned out in force. There were more than 80 cities in the final round and Missoula ended up in first place for the category of towns with a population of more than 70,000 people. And that's not all - Missoula also took the top spot in the OVERALL category! How cool is that?

Here's what River Travel Magazine had to say about Missoula

Missoula goes all out for the holidays with an annual Holiday Window Decorating Contest, photos with Santa at the north pole, a community Christmas feast, the Missoula Valley Winter Market, a Light the Way 5k holiday run complete with Christmas lights, holiday cookies, hot chocolate, music, and more bringing the community together each season!

Another day, another list

Well, what other parts of Missoula can be showcased this week? We still have time to squeeze in another appearance or two from some publication that wants to share our amazing city with their readers.

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