We all have a great opinion about the treats we've enjoyed for years from Missoula's Bernice's Bakery (can you say YUM?) and we're happy to share those with visitors and friends.

Well, now those opinions could help one of the Garden City's favorite bakeries get access to the funding that will help them keep cranking out the tasty baked goods and hearty breads in one of the city's historic buildings.

Your comments are being incorporated in the grant application from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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A Missoula institution

Bernice's Bakery has been serving up some of the best pastries and breads in Missoula since first opening in 1978. In addition to the skills of a long line of employees, part of the magic at Bernice's is the historic location right off the Hip Strip on South 3rd Street.

In the past, Bernice's has applied for a grant from the "Backing Historic Small Restaurants Grant Program", but hasn't been able to win a selection.

Missoula bakeries
Photo; Bernice's Bakery

Trying again

This year, Bernice's has applied again for funding, and announced over the weekend there's a new wrinkle to the process in 2024. For the first time, the National Trust for Historic Preservation is taking "public opinion" into consideration.

In a Facebook post, the restaurant asked for fans of Bernice's to take a few minutes to submit some supportive comments to back up this new grant application.

"If you feel that Bernice’s Bakery could use some extra ‘TLC” and would benefit from the funds being offered by this program, we humbly ask that you fill out this short form."

The Bakery, which is currently owned by Missy Kelleher, the fourth woman to run the business, is hoping its customers will tell the selection committee why Bernice's serves as "an anchor for the Missoula Community."

Act today

This Monday, the 25th, is the deadline for comments, which must be submitted by 10 pm. You can fill out the form here.

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