Oh, man! It's starting to feel like what a birthday or Christmas is like to a little kid. You know, that period when they want to open a gift before it's time and they just keep asking about it. That's how I'm feeling with the Missoula Airport opening up the new terminal! But the bad news is, when it comes to the airport, Christmas is getting pushed back a bit.

Around my place, we've had a few visitors come our way over the last two months so I've been doing my share of shuttle runs to the airport and back. Every time I get up close to the new terminal I have that same Christmas and birthday question, "is it time yet?" And just when we thought it really was time, the airport announced that the opening will be pushed back from the initial May 4 date that had been set for this week. The new date for passengers and airlines to check out the airport's new digs is now scheduled for June 8.

A little longer wait than planned

I guess if we stick with the birthday or Christmas comparison, it's just a minor setback, like a present showing up late in the mail. And the reason for the postponement is actually a pretty good one. As a KPAX story states, it's not that the terminal isn't ready yet, but rather, they'll use the time to train staff and tenants on all the new equipment. I do like the idea of getting everybody on the same page so that things operate as smoothly as they can when the doors finally open.

We just have to practice a little patience for another month.

It's a bummer to have to wait even longer for something we're all looking forward to using. But before we know it we'll be checking out the new features and upgrades of the new terminal like expanded ticketing options, extra TSA screening lines, additional boarding areas, improved baggage handling, a sit-down restaurant, viewing area, and more. Let the countdown to June 8 begin!

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