The Roxy Theater in Missoula has been facing a problem over the last few weeks: someone - or multiple people - has been stealing letters off of the theater's marquee. And the problem has gotten bad enough where the Roxy is now starting to run low on certain letters.

Since the problem persists, the Roxy put out a call on Facebook, asking if anybody has the letters (or knows where the letters may be) to please return them through the mail slot in the theater, no questions asked.

Honestly, I'm surprised this has become such a problem, only because it's pretty tough to reach that theater's marquee without a ladder. Are people standing on each other's shoulders like Muppet Man trying to reach the letters?

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks at The Roxy - they're in the middle of Meg Ryan Fall right now, and next week, they'll be kicking off the 7th annual Montana Film Festival, which is set to bring in all kinds of filmmakers and people working within the film industry. So the last thing they need to be worrying about is people stealing the letters off of their marquee.

Like they say in the post, "stealing from your nonprofit community cinema is extremely bad karma." So if you know where they are, please do the right thing and bring them back - the theater definitely needs those letters more than you do.

For more info about what's playing at The Roxy throughout the month, you can visit them at their website.

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