Wow this story has captured our attention this morning. We remember when the owner of these dogs reached out in January missing their beloved beagle dogs. Well it sounds like it has a sad ending and we want to help.

Stacy Heiland contacted the KYSS Facebook when the dogs went missing. Unfortunately her family has received some horrible news.

First our family would like to thank everyone who came together and supported us in search of our beloved beagles that were stolen. However it brings us an extreme amount of sadness to update everyone in saying that we have found our beagles and they have gone to Heaven. They have been missing for 2 months and someone just killed them this week and dumped them where they were found. The puppies of the female would be 7-8 weeks old right now and big enough to leave mama. You could tell that they had been nursing on her and we only found the mom and our other dog dumped but no puppies. So please if you have any info on the awful heartless people who could do this or you have seen beagle puppies or bought a beagle puppy. Please contact the Sheriff’s office at 363-3033. This is truly one of the most horrific, saddest things that has ever happened to us and we want to find who did it as to make sure they never do this to anyone else or hurt or abuse another animal again. Please share so we can find the puppies and keep them safe.

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Photo from Stacy Heiland
Photo from Stacy Heiland

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