Raise your hand if you could use a drink after the last twelve months! A year without events and we're finally starting to put dates on the calendar - and in a massive way! We've seen a bunch of concert news in the last couple of weeks - and events are starting to get announced as well. If you missed the story last week about the BBQ & Whiskey Fest that will be held at Caras Park over 4th of July weekend - check it out HERE. It looks like it should be pretty awesome with BBQ, drinks, music.....even axe throwing.

And just three weeks after BBQ & Whiskey Fest takes place, the Northwest Margarita Fest will take over Caras Park. It's actually presented by the same people - so a big thanks to BFK Presents for putting on a few events where we can all have some beverages and toast to 2020 being well in the rear-view mirror by that time.

The first year of the Northwest Margarita Fest was a success so they decided to bring it back. They claim the bar will be bigger, the lines will be shorter, more staff will be on hand, and a completely new setup will make getting drinks even faster. It'll take place from 1pm to 9pm on July 24.

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Features of the Margarita Fest include:

-Tequila and mescal tasting tour
-Taco trucks
-Montana's only margarita competition
- Latin and world music
-All ages event
-Free to attend
-$15 to participate (includes commemorative cup, three drink tokens, and a margarita competition voting chip)

Are you excited by the return of this hopefully yearly event? I sure am. After not having much to do in the last year.....at this point they could fill a bathtub with a margarita and sit me inside of it with a giant straw! Visit the Facebook event page for details with the upcoming Northwest Margarita Fest.

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