On January 16, 2021, a Missoula Police officer observed a vehicle that matched the description of a vehicle reported stolen earlier the same day. The vehicle was a Toyota Tundra pickup truck and was reported to have a value of $5,000.

The officer saw the vehicle pull into the PS Mini Mart parking lot. The officer saw the driver exit and go into the store. Then the officer confirmed that the plate of the vehicle matched that of the vehicle reported to have been stolen. The officer entered the store, located the male who he had seen exit the vehicle, and placed him in handcuffs. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“At about 10:30 this past Saturday evening, 29-year-old Danial Hendry was placed under arrest after he was found occupying a stolen vehicle in a parking lot in the 900 block of North Russell Street,” Welsh said. “Hendry was also found to be in possession of dangerous drugs. He was transported to the Missoula County Detention Center.”

During a search incident to arrest, a baggie fell out of Hendry’s shirt pocket. The baggie contained a dark brown substance, which later tested positive for heroin. Hendry immediately said he didn’t know what the substance was and claimed that the shirt he was wearing was not his shirt.

Hendry was charged with felony theft and felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

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