The enormous surge in popularity for hard seltzer over the past few years is something I didn't see coming - but it looks like it's here to stay, especially if White Claw's sales keep growing by 300% every year.

So naturally, some local spots are starting to get in on the hard seltzer game - and Draught Works just unveiled their own take, called Water Works Hard Seltzer.

They'll be launching Water Works with a big launch party on Friday, March 13th from 12 PM to 8 PM. Here's the info from their Facebook event page:

Join us at Draught Works on March 13th for a wild celebration of everything WATER WORKS! The cat's outta the bag! Our Water Works Hard Seltzer is set to hit the shelves in just a few short weeks and we're over the moon to share this exciting new product with you! So, in true Draught Works fashion, we're throwing a PARTY!

We're gifting ONE FREE CAN of Water Works and ONE FREE STICKER with everyone's first pint purchase and we're opening up the canning pad at 5PM for photo opps, questions, and more space to drop the chill!

Remember, please don't drink your gifted can of seltzer on premises! We will have them available for purchase and consumption behind the bar and at a hydration station on our canning pad!

Looks like a pretty great time! Are you a hard seltzer fan? Do you plan on checking out Water Works?


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