Every now and then, you will hear a song that makes you say "Wow! This song fits me perfectly." Somehow the lyrics speak to you, almost as if the song was written about you. So much so, that if you had your own sitcom tv show, it would be your theme song. Now imagine your town having a song that best describes it. Essentially, your town's theme song.

What song best describes these Montana towns?

For anyone who has spent any amount of time in Montana, odds are you have noticed that each town has its stereotypes. Ask anyone outside of Missoula, what the first thing comes to mind when they think of Missoula. Chances are they will use the word "hippies." But, how about Billings? Or Bozeman?

We thought hard about possible theme songs for different towns in Montana. Here is what we came up with.

Billings (The smell of the multiple refineries and the sugar beet factory leave Billings with an unforgettable smell. Skynard is the obvious choice)

Great Falls (Located on the edge of the front range, it's easy to "drift the high plains." The following lyrical masterpiece from the Beastie Boys seems to fit nicely.)

Bozeman (If Missoula is "full of hippies," then Bozeman is "full of cowboy posers." This is why Bo Burnham's country song fits so well.) NSFW "LANGUAGE"

Butte (It's a mile high, a mile deep, but it is all on the level. Butte can catch a bad rap being a bunch of crazy drunks. But, we love them anyway. Especially on St Patty's day.)

Kalispell (Kalispell is a desirable place to live for people looking to relocate to Montana. It's surrounded by the beauty of Glacier Park and Flathead Lake as well as a good assortment of millionaires and hillbillies.)

Missoula (YES! We understand that everyone thinks Missoula is full of hippies. Might as well own it. How about a Sublime cover of The Grateful Dead?)

BONUS: The ENTIRE Bitterroot Valley (Just a short drive south of Missoula, you will find yourself in a whole different place. With a mixture of hippies and rednecks. A place that is summed up well by a former resident of the Bitterroot, Kid Rock.) NSFW "LANGUAGE"

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