Montana's 100th Congressional District had a big win for voters in the LGBTQIA+ community, with Zooey Zephyr winning by a large margin over Republican candidate Sean McCoy, she became the first openly Transgender woman to be elected to office in the state of Montana. But she's not only won the election in MT House District 100, but she also won the hearts of gamers. Why? She's one of them.

She Entered Tournaments for Super Smash Bros in 2014 and 2015

Zephyr got lots of support from the Super Smash Bros (SSB) community of gamers after she won, after they found an old tweet from the Representative-elect talking about how much she loved Project M, which is a mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Zephyr even took top 8 at the Northwest Majors VI tournament, under the username Cazcom.

Support has flocked in for Zephyr from tons of members of the SSB community, including names like Pete Casella, who is a tournament organizer for SSB in Chicago, as well as an eSports commentator. Even the professional player she defeated to make top 8 at Northwest Majors VI, SFAT, congratulated her.

 She Has a Tough Road Ahead of Her

Zephyr has indeed made history being the first Trans woman elected to the Montana legislature, however, our state, as well as the majority of elected officials in our state legislature are Republicans. I'd love to see if she makes waves in Helena. If you want to learn more about her platform, check out her website here.

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Let's hope Zooey Zephyr continues to love playing video games, while also doing the right thing in our capital. Zephyr will join the other Representative-elects in joining the Montana House of Representatives in January.

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