On Saturday, after getting some work done Savannah and I headed out on a day date. We were going to the movies to see Wonder which I highly recommend but before that we went to see the live Reindeer that were at Murdoch's on Broadway from 11am-4pm. There were quite a few people there but of course there were, you could see reindeer.

As we walked into the store we saw a huge line and got into it, then realized that was to see Santa Claus. We then walked toward the back of the store where the reindeer were. We got some "reindeer energy snacks" to spread on Christmas Eve. Then found the reindeer, unfortunately they were in a pin and not very accessible to take photos but it was still fun to visit. Definitely worth the stop to say you saw the reindeer.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

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