After just coming off Dancing with the Missoula Stars, I of course am on cloud nine still. I not only am so in love with dance but also just this awesome community. 

Dance not only makes you feel good but it's fun! It brings out a life in you, and there are so many different dances to choose from. I think most people could find one they liked. Salsa, Cha-Cha, Tap, Hip-hop, Tango, Old Hollywood, etc.

The importance of dance in schools and youth is becoming more evident. It's an important time for learning and it's a great release of stress, allows kids to interact in a different way and can really help kids express themselves.

I highly recommend to everyone to take a dance class, I know you'll enjoy it! Try a few different ones, since there is so much dance. University of Montana offers classes, DDC, and a few other local outlets.

Dance like no one is watching and smile!

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