Last weekend I woke up way to early, and for some reason I couldn't fall back to sleep. So, I got out of bed, let my dogs outside, and turned on the television. While I was flipping through the guide, just trying to find something to watch I stumbled on to my favorite show growing up. It was part of the TGIF line up every Friday night, Family Matters, with Steve Urkel.

So, I had to watch it and see if it was still as great as I remembered. Unfortunately for me it was not. When I was growing up the actors were so cool and you wanted to be just like them. When I watched recently it was so boring, and all about teaching kids how to handle problems. Which I don't think is a bad thing, but now that I am an adult it's just not the same.

Have you watched a TV show or movie that you used to love but now just don't like it anymore?


    Look at the beautifully snow covered Lolo, MT!

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