This past weekend I had some really good friends in town from Seattle, in fact Anthony was the best man at my wedding. It was great to have Anthony and his girlfriend Nicole in town from Seattle. After the really fun Lee Brice concert at the Big Sky Brewing Company on Thursday we we're looking to have more fun on Friday so after a delicious breakfast at River City Grill in Bonner the ladies decided a trip to Goodwill was needed.

Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins

Both Nicole and Savannah heard about this "Goodwill Date Night" idea on Facebook and wanted to try it out. So all four of us went to the Goodwill in Missoula to get new outfits for the day. The only rules were that you couldn't pick out your own outfit and we wanted to stay as close to $10 or under as possible. All but one of the outfits we got were under the $10 amount.

After getting "dressed up" we started at dinner at the Mackenzie River Pizza Company on South Reserve, I think their whole kitchen staff came to visit or laugh at our table throughout the meal. Then we went to the Silver Slipper for some Darts, and finally ended up at the Rustic Hut. It was an eventful night for sure, just be prepared for some crazy looks, a few laughs, and some unusual comments.


    Montana Bald Eagle Eating Dinner!

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