Cooking the turkey is one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving. This year I had a couple issues just with the thawing but otherwise it all was well. Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. I did end up preparing my bird different this year.

I always like to experiment with recipes and trying out new rubs and glazes. Sometimes they work sometimes not so much. This year I also made my own giblet gravy but now know however I prepare my bird is how the stock with taste.

The glaze I used consisted of this:

  • soy sauce
  • fresh garlic
  • organic brown sugar
  • cayenne pepper
  • ginger
  • dash of poultry seasoning

I let that sit for 24 hours soaking together and then used that as my glaze on my turkey. It was a good glaze but the only thing I have to remember is ginger is really strong. So even after cooking and mixing all the flavors together you could still taste the ginger and the stock had a ginger taste. I am not a big ginger fan so I am not sure why I did it but it actually came out ok but I won't be adding it again.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM



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