The most important thing to parents is child safety on Halloween, that's why for years we have been digging through Halloween candy and checking it.

You can not plan for the unexpected but we can try to make sure everyone children and adult are safe on Halloween. is a great place for families and parents.

  • costumes should be bright or reflective
  • masks can limit what the child can see which can cause danger
  • making sure costumes fit to limit tripping
  • equip children with flashlight with new batteries
  • test makeup on a small patch of child's skin
  • Children should walk on direct routes with the fewest street crossings
  • Still make sure you check children's candy
  • Talk to your kid to be watchful and bullying

It's meant to be a fun holiday but there is always need to be cautious and careful. So use some of these great tips to make it a safe Halloween 2019.

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