I get a kick out of surveys like this when I see them online. They always make me wonder where the question originated from or why anyone thought it was important to find out the answer. Today's random survey and data to support it comes in the form of finding out how much weight people in each state would be willing to gain in order to keep drinking alcohol. In other words, would you keep drinking if you knew you would gain 5 lbs? What about ten? Fifteen? Where would you draw the line for weight gain before you decided that you would give it up? And where do you think Montana ranked when compared to the rest of the states?

Montana didn't score quite as bad as I thought it would

I know we love our alcohol here in Big Sky Country. But holy smokes, the study from drugabuse.com shows that Rhode Islanders appear to be on a whole other level when it comes to how many pounds they would pack on to keep the drinks flowing! Rhode Island topped the list as survey takers said they would be willing to gain an extra 28 lbs before giving up their booze. Wow, that's just crazy! Montana actually finished near the middle of the pack as the average for the state ended up being 11 lbs. And as the website mentions, that's about the same as carrying around an extra 176 slices of bacon in your body! One interesting fact is that no state had a number that came out to be below 8 lbs.

How much weight would you be willing to gain?

The next time you stop by one of our state's great breweries, or when you find yourself getting home from work, kicking back, and popping a top, just think to yourself what the magic number is when it comes to how much weight you would be willing to gain to give up that delicious alcoholic beverage.

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