These homemade sugar scrubs are so great, and an inexpensive gift if you have a lot of people on your list. Great for even men! 

First most household items you have around the house will work for these. Here is a list of ingredients you can use. There are many ways you can create cool scrubs.

Granulated white sugar, brown sugar, sea salt, coconut oil (or sunflower oil, corn, vegetable and almond oil work) vitamin E oil, essential oils, vanilla extract, honey, coffee (caffeine is really good for the skin so don't use decaf)

You just mix together about 1 cup of sugar/salt to 1/2 cup of oil you use. 1 TSP of vanilla extract/essential oils,honey (any of the other additions you have are about a 1 TSP unless adding multiples )

Just Google recipes and you can even make special ones catered to whoever you are gifting.

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