The kids these days are all about The Office. It was a popular show when it was on TV - I watched it every week! - and then, suddenly, years later, it just exploded among millennials. I'm not sure exactly what got it to catch on, but it's cool that one of my favorite sitcoms is still culturally relevant.

So I'll probably be making my way to Highlander Beer on November 13th, because that's when they're holding a party themed after The Office. And yes, that will include Office trivia, so you can show off your intimate knowledge about every "That's What She Said" joke in the entire series.

There's more details and contests to come (including a Dwight look-a-like contest), but this is definitely one to mark on the calendar if you're any kind of Office fan. Here's the info from their Facebook event page. Will you be checking it out?

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