While visiting one of my favorite restaurants a while back, the Lolo Creek Steakhouse, my wife found her new favorite drink. To be honest I have no idea what exactly is in the Huckleberry Daiquiri but I know it is delicious. When at the steakhouse I always get a Cold Smoke from Kettlehouse to enjoy with my steak, but I did try her daiquiri and it was delicious. If you like the taste of fresh huckleberries you will love this drink.

Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins

As we were discussing with our server about the drink she mentioned that it's common for people to visit the steakhouse for only a daiquiri. I could never do that, because as soon as I smell the steaks on the grill, the only decision is what cut of meat will I order. Next time you make it to the steakhouse don't miss out on your opportunity to get one of these amazing daiquiris!


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