A new steakhouse with an old-school vibe just opened up in downtown Missoula.

The restaurant is located in the Mercantile Building and it's called 1889 - and it's committed to keeping a rustic aesthetic in keeping with the time period, while still feeling modern.

The owners of 1889 are actually the same couple who have owned The Keep in Missoula for the last 12 years, Reed and Melissa Mooney. They've been looking to open up another restaurant downtown for a while now, and they jumped at the chance to put it in the Mercantile Building.

So why 1889? Because it's the year that Montana officially became a state in the US. Photos taken in 1889 adorn the walls of the steakhouse, paying tribute to the bygone era and the history of Missoula.

Have you checked out 1889 yet? Will you be going there soon?



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