Next fall, there will be new school principals at Hamilton High School and Hamilton Middle School. Superintendent Tom Korst said the Hamilton school board approved hiring a new middle school principal this week.

It started with the resignation of Ryan Wells from the Hamilton High School head position. Wells will be leaving his position in the spring to spend more time with his family. So, there was opening at the high school.

That vacancy was filled earlier this school year by the Hamilton Middle School Principal Marlin Lewis. So, then, there was an opening at the middle school.

The school board accepted applications and narrowed it down to four finalists. From the group, Andrea Gray, who currently is in Klamath Falls, Oregon, was hired at a special school board meeting Tuesday.

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Korst thanked Wells for his work as HHS principal since 2019, and was pleased to see Marlin Lewis take over the office after the conclusion of this school year. Lewis has been middle school principal since 2013 and is a former Principal of the Year. He grew up in Hamilton and has a Masters in Mathematics from Montana State University.

marlin lewis
Principal Marlin Lewis. (KLYQ photo, Townsquare Media)

His replacement at the middle school, Andrea Gray, is the Henley High School principal in Klamath Falls for the last few years and was assistant principal at the school before that. Gray's also taught a variety of grades in her 22 years as an educator. She was chosen from a group of four, including Jon Konen, Corvallis School District superintendent, Jaqueline Hanson, principal of Craig Elementary and Middle school at Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, and Niall Trimble, Director of Curriculum and Assessment at Monroe, Washington. The four candidates had two days of interviews, followed by the Hamilton School Board vote this week.

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