The number-one ranked Hamilton Broncs football team has now won their first three games of the season with a Friday night victory at Frenchtown September 10. The Class A teams were battling each other defensively in the first quarter, with Hamilton finally scoring as quarterback Tyson Rostad ran across the goal line and Tyler Jones kicked a successful point after.

The second quarter was totally opposite, with an amazing 50 total points scored by both teams. First, Hamilton scored with a Rostad pass to Eli Taylor and Jones kicking the PAT. Then, a 73-yard pass play by Frenchtown brought the score to 14-6. That was answered by an 80-yard run by Hamilton's Tim Zohner and another Jones PAT, followed by a TD by Lucas Lant and another Jones PAT. A bad snap by Frenchtown ended up in the end zone for a 2-point safety for Hamilton. After that, Rostad passed to Tim Zohner for a 40 yard play and another TD with a PAT.

However, in the final minutes of the 2nd quarter, Frenchtown's Carter White returned a Hamilton kick-off 97-yards and the PAT was good for 7 points. Hamilton's Rostad was intercepted, which turned into another Frenchtown TD and PAT at the end of the half.
The score at that time was Hamilton 37 and Frenchtown 20.

The third quarter was back-and-forth across the Frenchtown field, but no scoring. The final period was also scoreless until, with 4 minutes left in the game, Hamilton's Rostad on a keeper scored 6 points and Jones kicked the point after. Tyson Bauder intercepted Frenchtown, stopping a last-minute drive, and the final score was Hamilton 44 Frenchtown 20.

With three wins under their belts, Hamilton hosts Butte Central at the Hamilton High Stadium next Friday. Stevensville defeated Browning 28 to 20 Friday and will be in Whitefish next Friday. Corvallis lost to Dillon Friday and will host Frenchtown next week.

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