We know as Montanans that we are going to most likely deal with cooler weather on Halloween. From snow to rain to just that chill mountain air. Be prepared for what we are in for. Since Halloween falls on a Monday, a lot of people will be celebrating during the weekend.

It sounds like a lot of people will be doing stuff on Saturday. For those adults that may have to take kids outside for some reason Saturday you may be in for a little bit of slush or ice on the ground as there is a chance there will be a wintery mix in the morning. Although as we know Montana weather can change easily, plus there are some different reports from different sources.

Saturday 10/29 : Expect a  wintery mix. High 48/Low 28 

Sunday 10/30 : This may be a popular day for corn mazes and some outdoor fall fun. Expect: A chance of evening sleet but other wise mostly cloudy. High 44/ Low 24

Monday 10/31 : Halloween! Expect a cloudy afternoon and a slim chance for rain during the day possibly night. High 51/Low 29 

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