It sounds like more Americans then ever are celebrating Halloween this year. The festivities should be well attended this year if so.

The website has come up with some statistics and data for Halloween 2016 in America. What does it mean for the economy and how much up is it from last year? I guess it is what a lot of retailers use as a sign of how they will do for the other holidays to follow Halloween. Makes sense and according to reports spending is going to be up this year. As a matter of fact a record year!
How many Americans celebrating? : 2016 171 million (All-time record)

Total Spending: 2016 $8.4 billion* (All-time record)

How many Americans celebrating?: 2015 157 million

Total Spending: 2015 $74.34 $6.9 billion

Also they report that consumer is at it's highest in nine years! People being happy is a good thing.


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