I didn't realize how nervous I was going to be about my dog starting three months of heart-worm treatment tomorrow. When Savannah and I adopted Gypsy in the middle of June we knew she had a heart-worm issue and that it would be costly and difficult at times. I didn't expect to become so attached to this dog so quick.

I feel very fortunate to have some of the best Missoula Veterinarians assisting in the treatment of Gypsy, but it's still making me nervous. Along with the injections and heart-worm prevention medication for the rest of her life, these next three months are going to be so difficult. It is best for Gypsy to not be very active while going through the treatment, so for three months we can't play fetch for long periods of time like we often do.

I am confident that Gypsy will be treated and cured of this nasty medical case she is dealing with and we will be playing like normal in just a few months. Fingers crossed!

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