There's no dancing around it - COVID-19 has delivered us a shot right to the junk when it comes to cancelling sporting events, concerts, and anything else that is typically done in front of a crowd.

There's a different feel to fall this year. We should already be two games deep into Griz football by now. But the Big Sky Conference put an end to their football season before it could even begin. Griz fans will have to wait until the spring to possibly see the team in action on the field. And right now, even that might be a stretch as we continue to face this pandemic. But the Griz faithful were able to smile with the announcement of the '95 Championship Night scheduled for September 19. It was to be a celebration of the past in the absence of the current season. Now, that's been wiped off the schedule as well.

This was going to be a huge night of fun at Washington-Grizzly Stadium. Fans would have been able to be on the field to watch Montana defeat Marshall in a replay of the 1995 National Championship Game. And the night was scheduled to have live pregame and halftime entertainment, surprise visits from current Grizzlies and Montana legends, food, beverages, Griz merch, and a fireworks show to end the night. We don't even get to blame COVID-19 as the sole reason for this cancellation - the smoky weather was taken into consideration as well.

A press release to announce the cancellation of the ’95 Championship Night included the following:

Due to ongoing community health concerns and forecasted inclement weather, Grizzly Athletics regrets to inform fans the upcoming '95 Championship Night at Washington-Grizzly Stadium has been canceled.

Ticketholders for the event will receive a full refund on their purchase from the Adams Center Ticket Office.

Questions can be emailed to the ticket office:

Maybe they'll be able to reschedule the event sometime in the not-so-distant future. It was shaping up to be a pretty fantastic night to show our Griz pride.

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