She really was an amazing woman, she stepped outside of the box in the 60's and became one of the states leading independent women. She took care of me, and taught me so much. Grandma you are truly missed.

She lived a colorful life, according to my great great great aunt Arlene she was the wild one out of her and her sister. She was too smart for her own good and when she went to college at age 50, she had a 4.0 and accepted nothing less. That's how she was with me, a B was considered average and she expected above average out of me.

There are so many memories it was really just her and I since I was 7. She was a work-aholic, who loved animals, was beautiful and loved to get dressed up but would change a tire or fix anything that was broken. She needed no one to help her! She did everything it seemed. She told me hard work and volunteering is what I should do and needed to do to be a valuable part of my community.

She ran a place called HHP, Help for Homeless Pets in Billings and cared so much for the animals it hurt her all the time to see sick or injured animals. She did so much for so many dogs though. She liked maroon, pink and teal like color scheme. She had lots of these fancy egg like decorations and lots of Waterford crystal.

We would watch lots of law shows, Golden Girls, Fast Times at Ridgemont High... to name a few. Her dad, my great grandpa, loved "Grumpy Old Men" so we had those movies. She loved computers but we couldn't afford one. She hated photos and talking on the phone but would always try to make time for me when I called. She was busy all the time and never stopped moving.

Just a few quick memories and thoughts about my Grandma Dee. I can still hear her telling me to moisturize my neck as well as my face so I don't get wrinkles. I try to do something in her memory and I know this sounds funny but she was the ultimate clean freak and she would be very mad at me with how messy my house is so I think her honor I will clean. She would not mind me doing that thinking of her. She was just one of those classy, independent women.




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