A couple of months ago, we ran down all of the new businesses that were opening up at the new Kent Plaza in Missoula. It's been under construction for a while, but a few places have already opened there, including Lookout Throwing Company and Zootown Laundry. And this Friday, one of the most-anticipated spots there is finally set to open.

That would be Oddpitch Brewing, a new brewery that's been in the works for some time now. The original plan was to open in the spring of 2020, but as you may have caused, a little thing called coronavirus got in the way. So now it's finally set to open, and they plan to do so with a grand opening celebration that kicks off this Friday, August 13th.

They'll have music and food trucks there throughout the weekend, and a selection of six beers for you to choose from. And here's the detail that sets them apart from most other breweries in the area: they'll also have five pinball machines on hand!

It's exciting to see Oddpitch Brewery finally get to open their doors, and hopefully they'll quickly make their mark on the crowded brewing scene in Missoula.

Are you excited for the grand opening of Oddpitch Brewery? Will you be heading over there to drink some beer, get some food, dance to some music, and play some pinball?

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