When we say these vacation meccas "rock" Montana, we don't mean earthquakes, even though that's trendy right now.

Nope, we're talking about vacation visits and extend our congratulations to these Montana crown jewels, in particular Glacier National Park, which just enjoyed a record number of visitations for June! And Yellowstone didn't do too bad, either.

Glacier saw 682,962 people come to the park in June, up a whopping 28 percent over June 2016. And last year was the previous record! And 2017's accomplishment happened in spite of Going-to-the-Sun Road opening 12 days later this year than in 2016.  Glacier's June visits have nearly doubled in the past decade.

And while Yellowstone National Park saw a 4.8 percent decrease in June 2017 compared to June 2016's record-breaking turnout, they still boasted 803,298 visits.

The parks have experienced extremely crowded conditions in all areas this season. That underscores the need to plan your trips a little more thoroughly, expect some delays in and out of major attraction areas and check road conditions on the park's websites.

But great job, Glacier and Yellowstone. That's really rockin' Montana in a good way!


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