As Savannah and I were driving home yesterday from the Big Sky Resort we popped in the new Garth Brooks album, Gunslinger. The second song on the album is called 'Weekend'. I had never heard the song before yesterday and sure enough he includes Western Montana in the lyrics of his song. Here are the complete lyrics to the song.

Well, sun up, means sundown somewhere
Wake up, I wanna take you out there
Let's go, wherever it's the weekend

'Cause, Lord knows, this world needs to unwind
So, let's show 'em how to have a good time
Let go baby, it's the weekend

From western Montana to south Louisiana
I even hear the doors are now open in Havana
It's the weekend all over the world

You know, they're snakin' the cabanas down in Savannah
I bet they're all laughing and loving in Vienna
It's the weekend all over the world

So, jump in, to good times and good love
With good friends you just can't get enough of
We're all in, baby, it's the weekend

You know, you're rocking in Atlanta, dancing in Guyana
I swear, I hear 'em singing in sweet home Alabama
It's the weekend all over the world

They're on the track in Indiana, they're chantin' in Siena
Here we are, you and me still in our pajamas
It's the weekend all over the world, weekend all over the world
Weekend all over the world

You know they're rockin' in Atlanta
Rollin' in Havana
Muncie, Indiana

Anytime Garth Brooks is mentioning Western Montana, it's a good thing, especially in a new song. Garth is very good about making sure his music isn't all over the internet without royalties, so I haven't been able to find the song for you to hear it for yourself. But as soon as it gets released or a music video is created I will make sure to send it your way.


    Sky High at the Big Sky Resort

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