You get a chance to see the latest firearms and a chance to win a one on one machine gun caliber weapon session at the Axmen gun range, Pony rides, and support the Hope Project all at Freedom Bonanza! The incredible event is taking place from 11am-4pm on Saturday June 25th at the Axmen Hot Tub Store located at 7655 U.S. Highway 10W, just 3 miles west of the Missoula International Airport.

Also while you're there you can recieve a "Classic Straight Razor Shave" by Master Barber of Missoula, you have a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Blaze Backyard Barbecue, and check out the latest in ATV's by Kurt's Polaris. Also you will have the chance to see the latest in Ford Trucks and vehicles thanks to our friends at Lithia. Let's not forget the best part it is free admission, although bring a few bucks because we will have the Budweiser and Bloody Mary's flowing!

There will be an indoor paintball going on thanks to the National Guard. You can learn about Horseshoeing, and even watch a demo. There will be lots of vendors showing off all the latest in Outdoor gear. You can see a tour of the Axmen Museum which is full of antiques. There will even be music by the Mark Duboise Band! It really will be fun for the entire family at Freedom Bonanza!


    Beautiful View of Missoula!

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