It was one to prove it!  full boat on the Clark Fork and I have an injury

I was a little skeptical about putting a drift boat with 4 adults and a beefcake dog in the water. Steve is very knowledgeable and safe so I knew we would ultimately be safe and it actually is a really big drift boat.

We all had fairly enough room to cast and since I was nymphing I could re-float and stay on one side while they used another while streaming fishing. Which soon proved to be bad because some of the best water was on their side and I didn't think it was fair so we did all end up on one side for a bit there and it was tight.

Then out of nowhere though something that has never happened to me before did, I was standing in the boat and all of sudden like a hard rock smacks me in the back of the head and a crack echos through the canyon. My hat flies off it hit me so hard, and I fall forward. I all of sudden realize what it was.

Earlier the boys were talking about heavy streamers for fishing which have lead heads plus weight and they really hurt when you get hit. I laughed and said I'm not worried and I get hit with flies it's not that bad but to just be careful. Well flies are one thing streamers are a very heavy articulated fly with lead and weight like I mentioned before. They are no joke, it literally jolted me forward it had so much force. The way it hit me too was odd, like just right to get a lot of speed and whacked me upside the head.

It hurt so bad! Concussed from a streamer.

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