Just a friendly KYSSMAS reminder: if you have bid and won items to please pick them up and pay by Friday December 12th.

Also any donations can still be made at 3250 S. Reserve St. in Missoula or by phone 406-728-9300, at this time we only can accept cash or check to ensure that the money is available in time for the kids to go shopping. I know it's been a busy week for most, but lets make sure all the money we raised is available and in house for the kids in time for Christmas. Any questions don't hesitate to call.

It is most important we get everything together this week, if you are unsure you won something again please call 406-728-9300.

Again any last minute donations can and will be accepted don't worry, just please give them in the form of cash and or check. Happy Holidays and God Bless everyone who has helped with Kyssmas this year and years in the past. The needs has grown so we need every dollar we can! Thank you again

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