I do have a slight fear of today but all in all it's just one of those old superstitions that surrounds the day, but there is a whole list of things that are considered bad luck today.

21 million Americans have a fear of today, some goes as far as to not do too much on this day. Walking under a ladder, spilling salt... are small things that fall in line with "bad luck" today.

I had no idea but some thoughts on where Friday the 13th being bad luck comes from date back to Jesus and the Last Supper. The Sun wrote an article where they talked about it being considered bad luck because there was 13 people at the Last Supper with Jesus, the night before he died which was a Friday. Whether that is true or not there is some long ancient fear of this day.

Another fear fact from The Sun is that: Legendary horror writer William Peter Blatty, who penned The Exorcist, passed away on Friday the 13th as well as Tupac Shakur...

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