It's time for Missoula book lovers to finally turn the page on the pandemic and look forward to the return of the annual Used Book Sale at Fort Missoula. 

The sale is a tradition for bookworms who love to stock up on titles to get through the next year at bargain prices. But for the past couple of years, trying to arrange the sale while following health protocols has been a real challenge for the sponsors, the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. Sometimes the sale would be planned, only to be canceled by the latest surge in COVID-19.

But now, the museum is bringing back the book stacks, with the sale scheduled for early November with as many as 2,000 shoppers expected.

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60,000 Titles Will Be Up For Your Selection at the Sale

The museum staff and volunteers will be setting out tables of pre-sorted and organized selections, some of which have been stored waiting for the return of the sale. 

And the museum will continue to use the popular approach where the books are priced at $2 a vertical inch. That doesn't include specialty books. On Sunday it will be a "Super Bargain Day" with books going for $10 a bag! 

The book sale will return to Heritage Hall on the Fort Missoula campus at 30 Fort Missoula Road. Some books will also be in the Post headquarters next door. 

Plenty of Opportunities to Buy

The sale will run from November 3rd through 5th. With $5 admission, you can attend the Early Bird Sale on Thursday from 10 am to 12 noon. Then, the Open Sale will follow from noon to 5pm Thursday. Friday's hours will be 10am to  7pm, 10am until 5pm Saturday and 12 to 4pm on Sunday. 

All proceeds from the sale go to support the programs at the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. 

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