Love my Anaconda friends but this is the first time I have been out fishing with guys from Anaconda and hopefully won't be my last. It will be if I tell where we were...

First off let me just say going out anywhere with a group from Anaconda always proves to be a good time. Eddy, Chris and Ryan are all from A-town but live here in Missoula and all love to fly fish. My kind of people!

Ryan and I have been friends for awhile and have talked about fly fishing together a lot, he is one of the great people who come and help teach others to tie flies. I am just glad we were able to get out yesterday. We put the boats in the water and we weren't going for more then one minutes when I hooked into a fish! They say if you catch a fish right off the bat, take-out cause it's not going to get any better and that was kind of the truth as far as fishing goes and definitely how it goes as far as weather as we endured a nasty rain storm.

We all caught fish except Ryan, who was rowing most of the time but I did switch him for a while and he actually had a couple hits so technically I put him on the fish he just didn't land them... (he was streamer fishing which isn't easy).

I was cold, tired and hungry after this trip... next time I am bringing more then candy, chips and beer. I hope to hit the water again with these guys!

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