I had to take my sister to the airport this morning so she could catch an 8:30 AM Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle. After brushing off my car and giving the front porch steps a quick shovel we set out on the roads that were covered with the snow that had fallen overnight. On the drive to the airport she joked about how she was getting out of Missoula just in time. I chuckled and said that it wasn't THAT bad - flights wouldn't be canceled or anything. Looks like I was just a bit off on my assumption. Missoula International Airport has seen a collection of delays and canceled flights today because of the weather.

Last night I suggested to my sister that she should change her flight, be lazy, and sleep in a little instead of taking the early flight. Of course, my thoughts were that the later flight time would benefit me more than her. Good thing she didn't take my advise - as the 9:55 AM flight on Alaska was canceled. I guess I missed the memo that we were going to see some pretty decent snow today (along with a winter storm warning and winter weather advisory.) It didn't seem like we were expecting much when I looked at the forecast yesterday.

If you have plans to fly out of Missoula the rest of today or tomorrow morning - be sure to check and see if any flight plans have been altered. It looks like there are still some delays for incoming and outgoing flights that are scheduled for this evening. You can see the latest flight information HERE.

And if you missed it - there was news last week of a new flight out of Missoula that will begin operating in May.

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