This is news that would probably be met with a little greater excitement from some if we weren't still fighting to get to the other side of this pandemic. For a lot of people the idea of flying is still something that isn't on the to-do list for a while. The good news is airlines are still doing their part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 - things like keeping the middle seats open and enforcing masks. Of course it's a bit counterproductive when there are stories like the other day where a guy got kicked off his flight because he insisted on wearing a mask that was best described as a snorkel-type device. But as we look to the future when everyone feels a bit bit more comfortable with airline travel - we had some good news from Allegiant Airlines today.

Allegiant will begin running a nonstop flight between Missoula and Portland, Oregon on May 7. It'll operate on Mondays and Fridays between Missoula International Airport and Portland International Airport. If it sounds a bit familiar - it won't be the first Missoula to Portland flight offered as Alaska Airlines already runs one. But the good news is that two airlines competing with the same flight destination has the opportunity to result in a bit of a price battle that could benefit travelers.

Matthew Doucette, airport board chairman of Missoula Airport, shared thoughts on the new Allegiant Airlines flight in a Missoulian article:

"We are fortunate to receive this excellent news during a time when air service is challenged globally,” “We are excited to see Allegiant add yet another nonstop destination to MSO. They have been a great community partner and will provide another low-cost alternative for our passengers."

The flight out of Missoula wasn't the only announcement that Allegiant made when it comes to Montana travel. They also shared news of a Kalispell to San Diego flight that will begin service at the end of May.

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