Wow I can't believe I have never stayed in a wall tent before! This weekend was a weekend of more first for me. Something I love to do is trying new things.

I have never fished the Beaverhead, never tried Morel Mushrooms and never stayed in a wall tent. Well this weekend all those things happened! I am so thankful for everyone in my life who helps make these things happen.

Wall tents are so cool and real Montana camping I think. I mean campers are great, but to get down to it, tent camping and wall tents are the true way to camp. Although I loved my little KIT camper this wall tent was so nice. It had a stove, table and two beds. one bed was a bunk bed cot that turned into a futon type couch!

Even in the summer they have a solar fan that they use! I could see this being the best thing ever to camp in during the fall/winter for hunting. No wonder guys like to go to hunting camp! It's so nice and cool.




    Turkey Bowling

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