We would all like to hit the reset button on 2020 and just wipe it from memory. As we made our way through shutdowns, cancellations, and postponements - one event that helped Missoula have a little bit of hope through the pandemic was Centerfield Cinema at Ogren Park. There wasn't much happening around town so an actual reason to gather and have something to look forward to was welcomed by many - even with the social distancing measures that had to be enforced. It was pretty awesome to hear that the Roxy Theater and the Missoula PaddleHeads would once again be teaming up to offer movie nights this summer.

Last week saw the release of the full schedule of dates for Centerfield Cinema - and today they've announced the first three films that will be featured. There are nine dates on the schedule - and if the rest of the lineup is anything like the first few movies they've picked.....it's going to be a fantastic summer of watching shows on the big screen!

The first show of the year is April 22, just under two weeks away, and they'll kick things off with Tim Burton's "Batman" from 1989. That will be followed by "The Lego Movie" on April 29, and "Wayne's World" on May 6.

Centerfield Cinema proved to be a pretty popular last year as many of the shows sold out in advance. It's suggested you act fast if you want to make sure you secure tickets for this year's scheduled films. Tickets are available now - get them HERE.

We'll keep you posted as the next titles are announced!

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