Well all I can say is, what a way to make a day on the water even better. A fine dining experience can be done even while on a fly fishing trip.

Yesterday's weather was a bit odd. It started off snowing, very windy and very cold then sunshine. The Bitterroot has been getting a little colder and actually more snow then they had near the end of February it seemed. I was able to join a guide from Grizzly Hackle who's name is Tom Osen. Just a good guy but even better cook and host!

I was happy just being out there but he made up a gourmet meal, a nice small fire, had chairs, dishes, and really anything you could need, even has a table. These floats are getting better and better. Why be miserable if it's cold or your cold on the water. A warm meal and some warming up does wonders. I was highly impressed.

We had a blast and not 5 minutes in the boat caught fish. Grab a guide and request Tom if you are up for a relaxing time on the water and fly fishing.

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