Ok, maybe "fan-favorite" is a bit of stretch. "Fan-tolerated?" Yeah, that sounds more accurate.

Anyway, my picture was featured in the Missoulian this week! Surely, I must have done something tremendous to warrant this kind of coverage, right?

You're right! I was in the paper for... watching a movie.

Yep, that's all! My girlfriend and I were attending the first of this year's Centerfield Cinema screenings at Ogren Park to watch Batman, and a photographer asked if he could take our picture for the Missoulian. We said "sure," and then sort of forgot about it - we remembered a couple days later and decided to check to see if our picture made the cut, and then sure enough, it did!

It's actually not even the first time I've been featured in local news for watching movies - yeah, seriously. One of the local TV stations interviewed me a couple of years ago while I was at the Roxy Theater for their annual Oscars watch party (I can't seem to find that one online, unfortunately).

The point is, if you need somebody to be watching movies in Missoula, I'm your guy. Maybe you'll get some local press coverage out of it, who's to say?

So what's the next step? I'm thinking a 16-month calendar featuring me watching movies in different locations around Missoula. I'll eat popcorn in some of them, act surprised at the movie in others, it'll be a good time. This is the first step on my rocket to fame, I can feel it.

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