The Western Montana fair is a great place for kids, but sheriff's deputies are asking parents to make sure children are old enough, and responsible enough to be dropped off without parental supervision.

One case in point comes from Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone, who said deputies spent a great deal of time on Wednesday trying to reunite two children who had become separated.

"Parents are dropping their kids off at the fair that may be a little too young to be dropped off unsupervised," Pavalone said. "We had a pair of kids yesterday that got separated after their parents had dropped them off. They didn't have any way to communicate with each other, so we had all of our uniformed personnel looking for the other person. He was fine and located, and the two were reunited."

Pavalone has a request for parents.

"We ask that parents leave a really clear plan as to where the kids are supposed to meet, what time they're supposed to call, and they have exactly what kind of avenues to take in case they get separated or lost from their parents or friends," Pavalone said.

Pavalone said there are always law enforcement personnel available to assist the public.

"We have a security office here, and we have Missoula police officers, sheriff's deputies and reserve deputies and cadets that are all around the fair at all times," Pavalone said. "If they do get lost, have them contact a uniformed deputy, and they'll make sure they get reunited with their parents or friends."

Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone