Man oh man Dierks Bentley doesn't have a lick of quit in him. Since his latest album "Home" came out he's had hit after hit off of it and now he's released another. It's titled "Tip it on Back" and based on some of the reviews, he's got another "big one" on his hands. Taste of Country said; " ‘Tip It on Back’ is a great late summer groove to be used to peel back a layer of impenetrable heat from a dark summer night. Like so much of the music on ‘Home,’ the song feels loosely and spontaneously put together. It’s as if you’re in the singer’s basement watching him jam with a few friendly pickers. Thankfully, Bentley has turned that spirit into a nearly decade-long career."

He 's played Missoula several times and everybody here likes him. As far as I know no  "official" video has been released yet, but he did play Letterman in February of  this year.