I love Christmas lights and decor so this is a fun time for me. I had to get a new Christmas tree this year, and finally got it decorated Saturday night.

My grandmother loved to have a nice matching tree for Christmas when she could. Most of the time we had a small tree that stood about 2-3 feet tall, but when she could afford it she would get a nice tree and out would come her awesome classy decor.

She has a lot of glass with etching on it, bells and glitter ones. All so much fun and so pretty. I decorate my tree thinking of her and buy an ornament in her memory. You can see in one of the up close photos some of her great choices on ornaments.

The tree is something special in it's own. It came with a nice large gold base, and had some berry's and pine cones. Really happy with it and the way it accents my grandma's wonderful decorations.


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