My level of excitement this weekend was off the hook. It wasn't because of the big Griz Homecoming win (although that was cool). It wasn't because I didn't roll the ATV hitting the mud holes over in Sand Basin. Nor the fact that this is absolutely my favorite time of the year in Montana.

It's because I'm back on the radio at KYSS FM. 

The old expression is "the early bird gets the worm." For more than 30 years, I've been keeping a television news schedule and "worming" my way out of working an early shift like I did for most of my previous 15 years in radio.

But there's a magic about being one of the few blessed to walk out in the crisp morning air, see a million stars in the clear Montana sky, drive to work with no traffic, and then tell everyone else, "it's okay to come outside." 

It's a storyline I'm familiar with. Not just because of my own experience, but the life and legacy of my father, Paul Bragg, who passed away in 2018 after decades in broadcasting and show business. He gave me my first on-air audition when I was 5-months old, sitting in during a local talk show when my parents couldn't find a babysitter. 

Dennis' first home is the historic KPRK building in Livingston. Credit: Dennis Bragg
Dennis' first home is the historic KPRK building in Livingston. Credit: Dennis Bragg

Today, my first house where Mom and Dad had their small apartment is on the National Register of Historic Places. It's that famous Art Deco building that housed KPRK in Livingston, which ironically is owned by my new friends at Townsquare Media. 

So began a life always around, or behind, a microphone or camera. From having front row seats to see Johnny Cash and other great acts as a little boy, to covering some of the biggest news stories in the Pacific Northwest over the past 48 years, it's been a wonderful life. 

I don't take that heritage lightly and feel incredibly honored to be invited to start your days with you every morning on KYSS FM. And I'll still be telling those great stories here online. 

Please feel free to say "hello" just as you always have. Email me your thoughts and interesting things people should know about, or a quick shout on the KYSS FM app. 

And let's continue to enjoy our Montana lives together.

2022 Montana Griz Homecoming Parade

Missoula, MT - A collection of floats, banners, pageantry and fun during the 2022 University of Montana Homecoming Parade, the 1st in two years.

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