It goes without saying, people need to be dressing as warm as possible before heading out and covering up as much skin as possible.

Before bracing the cold weather, Doctor Kristin Anderson at Community Medical Center gave me some more tips. The windchill chart shows how much time you should be outside depending on what you're doing and long you should be outside and how dangerous it is. Doctor Anderson tells us people should be watching for warning signs when out in the cold.

"We all get the sense that when it's cold out, just those uncomfortable sensations of being too cold. You might be doing something fun but it gets to the point where it isn't fun anymore, where it's really important to listen to those signals your body is giving you and go indoors,” said Kristin Anderson, Employee Health Medical Director at Community Medical Center.

Doctor Anderson tells us that people should also watch how much alcohol their consuming before going out in the cold. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't warm you up but actually makes it harder for your body to regulate itself in the cold weather.

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