Besides the birds singing and the crickets chirping, a sure sign of spring is the revving of the engines!

The Five Valley Ford Club is hosting their annual Bitterroot Classic on Saturday, May 5, at Southgate Mall in Missoula, from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.. You don't have to own a classic ride to appreciate all the hard work and dedication that goes into making these babies look and perform extra sharp.

The show features lots of makes and models. It will take place in the north parking lot of the mall in the Dillard's Department Store area. There will be 25 awards given out, including the "Kids Choice" award, so make sure you bring the little ones with you. There will be live music from the '50s and '60s to enhance the nostalgia trip.

AND if you have a vintage car that you're proud of and would like to enter in the Classic, you can still do that by visiting the Five Valley Ford Club website. Or call the club's president, Jerry Brenner at Five Valley Taxidermy, 406-626-4401.

It should be pretty cool. We'd love to see you there!


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