How can 3 minutes change you for the better? I recently have been searching for some answers as to how I can be better and more positive in my daily ventures.

I am looking for a lot of things right now to help organize and fulfill my life but daily devotions or inspirational books was something I thought and read could help. I found a few options, at first I wanted something big and fancy, something that would grab my attention so I would be reminded to use it. Then I ran across this 3 minute daily devotions for women and thought this seemed perfect. We are always complaining about time so why not do something that just takes minutes literally.

It doesn't have to be religious at all, this is 3 minutes. First part is reading something ( in this case a bible verse but can be a quote or something inspirational). Part 2 reflect on that by either writing or reading another persons reflection, then third is talk, pray or speak to yourself or someone else. 

The world is crazy, negative and overwhelming so for yourself and others find that time to chose JOY.



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